Wise Therapy LCSW


Some people can use some guidance, a plan, and someone to keep them on track. We will sit together figure out where you are stuck, and come up with a step by step plan to get you unstuck. We will make weekly goals to chip away at the seemingly insurmountable.

Individual Therapy


Our WSTA therapists use an eclectic approach of therapeutic models, including, but not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and narrative therapy based on your own personal goals of treatment. We believe that personal growth and self-reflection comes from support, guidance, and nurturance. This environment helps individuals build insight into their self-defeating thoughts and maladaptive behavior patterns, thus increasing self-esteem, and enhancing how you interact with the others.

Couples Therapy

In relationships, we tend to have the same arguments over and over, with little insight into how to change our patterns. When this occurs, there tends to be distance or emptiness in the relationship, pervasive feelings of anger, or resentment, and thus a lack of interest in physical affection or a physical relationship with one another. We work with couples to break out of repetitive arguments by helping the couple gain insight, improve communication, thus enhancing intimacy and improving sexual desire discrepancies.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is talk therapy that is conduced in a safe, and confidential setting by a trained and licensed therapist. The therapist provides education about anatomy and physiology, physical response, and arousal patterns, and other pertinent sexual information that is specific to the client’s concerns. Under no circumstances, does sex therapy involve any sexual or inappropriate contact between the therapist and the client. This form of therapy is geared to the sexual concerns of the client(s).